Apple’s DRM stymies my personal use


The other day I bought the Neville Brothers fine funky new album Walkin’ in the Shadow of Life from the iTunes Music Store, putting it on my iMac at work to listen to while I worked.

That evening while at home, I wanted to finish listening to the album. So I mounted my work computer’s disk onto my iMac at home and dragged and dropped the song files over into iTunes and happily listened away.

Yesterday morning I decided I’d burn the album onto a CD to listen to in the car on the way to work. Uh-oh. No dice.

iTunes reports “None of the items in this playlist can be burned to disc.”

What’s up with that?

The tunes burn fine from my work iMac – but not from home, on a machine that’s authorized to play the tunes.

This, IMHO, sucks. No wonder people keep using the mp3 p2p file sharing services, as reported here in Wired, talking about a new study of p2p traffic done by folks at UC Riverside and the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis.

>”In general we observe that P2P activity has not diminished,” says the study, which will be presented at IEEE Globecom 2004 next month. “On the contrary, P2P traffic represents a significant amount of internet traffic and is likely to continue to grow in the future, RIAA behavior notwithstanding.”

Get with the program, Apple. Sheesh.

Is anybody besides me old enough to remember the old Warner Brothers Records Columbia Records ad campaign from the early ’70s 1969 that had the tag line “The man can’t bust our music”? That was the good old days.

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