New iPods


I’ve been thinking about buying an iPod for a long time…still haven’t convinced myself to part with that much money.

Now Apple’s got some new ones out – you can pay $100 extra to get a color screen on your 40 GB version, so you can display photos (doesn’t seem that interesting to me, but I’m sure they’ll sell a ton of ’em). Or you can spend $600 (!!!) for a 60 GB iPod with the color screen.

Or you can get the 20 GB iPod in a special U2 version.

I don’t like U2. I’ve never liked U2. I don’t hear anything compelling at all in their music, and I find their attitude insufferable. Sorry, all you millions of U2 fans out there – nothing personal – I just don’t get it.

But I do like the black and red color combo on the U2 iPod – hey, Apple, can I get that version without the autographs on the back?

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