Chandler 0.4 is out!


This week, as promised, OSAF released Chandler 0.4, the first experimentally usable version of the open source, cross platform PIM client.

While this is still a very early pre-release primarily of interest to software developers and other brave souls who don’t mind living out on the edge, it’s good to see a real desktop program that can send and receive email and synch calendars via WebDAV.

As the documentation says, I wouldn’t trust it with my real data, but I got it working fine on a test account here, using the UW imap and smtp servers, and a webdav server I have an account on at UC Santa Cruz.

This is real progress!

Congratulations to Mitch, Chao, Lisa, Pieter, Katie, Heikki, Andi, Ted, Brian, and all the rest of the OSAF gang!

One thought on “Chandler 0.4 is out!”

  1. Chandler 0.4

    Most of you who care probably already know that we did the release of Chandler 0.4 this week. You can read Mitch’s blog for some additional details, Lisa’s blog for some perspective on the release, and Oren’s blog for a brief user report. This is sti


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