Words from another mac user


An interesting post from last weekend by Shelley Powers, that somewhat echoes my own platform experience. I’ve added Shelley’s Burningbird blog to my list of regular reads.

A few years ago, I never would have thought this could occur. I had written a best-selling book on COM/COM+ and ASP for O’Reilly, I was a member of the Microsoft Development Network, had passed several Windows certification tests, attended Windows conferences almost exclusively, and programmed primarily in VB and VC++ and just a little Java. In addition, I scoffed at the Macs with their cute graphics, and decided if I were to go with a second environment, away from my beloved Windows, it would be Linux.

This weekend, though, I was able to install several open source applications far more easily than I ever could on Linux, primarily because Mac users won’t tolerate piecemeal packages, cryptic installation instructions, and a hackers attitude of “well, if you have to ask how something works, you shouldn’t use it”. Best of all, they work out of the box on the Mac – no mucking around with Windows ‘tweaks’.

I’m also increasingly finding OS X to be the *nix for the rest of us.

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