A question about web links in Tbird/Firefox


Is it just my imagination, or has the behavior of opening web links from within email messages changed with Thunderbird 0.9?

It seems to me that with previous Tbird releases when I clicked on links within email they opened up a new browser window to display the page.

Now the links open up in the currently active browser window, replacing whatever content was previously in that window.

I think I liked the old behavior better. I don’t see any preference settings about this, and a quick google search didn’t turn up any obvious help on the question.

Comments are still off, so email any suggestions, please.

Update – Michal wrote in saying “In Firefox, check Preferences -> Advanced -> Tabbed Browsing. There should be three behaviors for you to choose.” And indeed there are three preferences for “Open links from other applications” in either a new window, a new tab in the most recent window, or the most recent tab/window. Cool! I choose to open in a new tab in the most recent window. Gotta love that Firefox.

Thanks, Michal!


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