[CSG-Winter-2005] Chandler Westwood Advisory Board Meeting


We had the usual Westwood Advisory Board meeting this morning. It was good to touch base with the OSAF folks, and I finally got to meet Ted Leung face-to-face (after all, he only lives just across the Sound from us on Bainbridge Island).

The agenda from the meeting is here.

Some points of interest were work on Chandler 0.5 is proceding, with a March release planned.

There’s a lot of progress on the draft CalDAV standard, and there is an upcoming CalConnect interop test and roundtable meeting in Seattle next week (that we’re hosting. We expect to actually see some folks testing initial implementations of CalDAV at that meeting – now thats exciting.

OSAF is working with ISAMET (formerly Cyrusoft) to develop a version of the Apache Jakarta Slide WebDAV server to be a CalDAV server. The intent is that this will end up as part of the main Slide distribution as much as is practical over time.

The Chandler folks are working hard on making it possible for Python developers to develop applications and extensions to Chandler – Ted’s experience on the Apache project is particularly relevant in that effort. The plan is to do both a Sprint and a Chandler development tutorial at Pycon 2005.

There was a spirited (if inconclusive) discussion of what the relationship is between Chandler and the current Mozilla calendaring effort which is also working on CalDAV. This is an interesting set of topics, particularly given Mitch’s recent blog posting titled When Browsers Grow Up.

It was nice to see Chao, Mitchell, Mitch, Lisa and the rest of the gang – we’re likely going to schedule another Chandler-Higher Ed calibration meeting before the next CSG meeting.

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