It’s a lousy ski season in the Northwest


Yesterday was supposed to be the second week of ski lessons this year for my almost-seven-year-old son, but we got cancelled yet again.

While the California resorts have been buried in snow, our local Northwest resorts have struggled to open at all. So far this season we’ve had either wet weather or cold weather, but not the two together. So yesterday Snoqualmie Pass ended up with nine inches of new snow, but that got topped with a quarter inch of ice and a power outage as the warming trend came in. Today the forecast is for heavy precipitation, but the snow levels are supposed to be well above the elevations of our local ski resorts.

Oh, well – we went for a lovely walk yesterday on the trail to Foster Island in the Arboretum. The bird viewing was terrific – we saw lots of winter ducks (buffleheads, scaups, hooded mergansers, goldeneyes), great blue herons, a kingfisher, and two bald eagles – one perched high in a tree as we were playing frisbee down below. Is this a great city, or what?

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