Hokey Spokes!


I saw somebody ride by the other night as I left work with bright blue lights in her bike spokes, and I had to stop her and ask her what they were – “Hokey Spokes!” she said.

These LED equipped bike lights go in your spokes and form patterns or messages as you ride. These are way toooo cool….I gotta get some!

One thought on “Hokey Spokes!”

  1. These lites are seen a lot at Burning Man. They are nice, but they aint cheap. You realy need three of them per wheel, and they run about $15 a piece. All of the pictures shown here are with three panels. (you can see them in these images, but you don’t see them in real life.)

    How they work is simple and elegant. The LEDs are programmed to turn on and off in a pattern and take advantage of the psychological phenomeon of persistint vision. Same principle for TV and Movies. Your memory keeps your vision in your head for a fraction of a second. So you don’t see the gaps between the frames, or in this case, blinks, and it give the sense of motion in the images it remembers.

    I disocverd this trick with LEDs a couple of years ago at my daughter’s sixth grade science fair, where one of her classmates presented a simple one line led tower about six inches tall, and when you looked at it and shaked your head back and forth, you could see the word Hello!


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