Sometimes shopping online isn’t all it should be


Over the holidays I fell in love with a seasonal tea blend from Tazo called Joy, a blend of black, green, and oolong teas that tastes heavenly with a bit of honey and milk. Now that I’ve used up all the boxes of it that I bought up, I wrote to Tazo and told them that they should make it available all year round.

Jen, the “Shaman’s Apprentice” at Tazo, wrote back saying:

We do produce another blend of black, green and oolong teas called

Montage that you can find as a full leaf tea year round. While the

blend is different than Joy, it might be something you could enjoy

during the “off-season”.

Jen gave me three different sites where I could order Montage. The first site I visited had Montage for $7.25 but had a $15 minimum on orders. The second site would only sell me two packs at once, for $15.98, and they wanted $7.95 for US Postal shipping in 5-10 days. The third site would sell me one package, for $8.75, and only wanted $4.00 for Fedex Ground shipping, but their order page didn’t even encrypt the credit card number!

I guess I’ll try to find a local retailer here in Seattle that stocks Montage….sheesh.

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