Memory stick problems


I’ve got a Memory Stick problem.

I was downloading some photos from my Sony DSC-S75 camera into iPhoto when the camera ran out of battery and shut down.

After plugging it into the wall power, the iPhoto wouldn’t resume the download.

Looking at the camera volume on the Mac desktop I see one folder, DCIM, which has a subfolder named 100MSDCF that has all my pictures in it.

There’s also file on the camera volume named MEMSTICK.IND which has a lock icon next to it. I suspect the lock on this file is my problem.

I copied the photos off the volume and imported them into iPhoto just fine, then erased them from the camera volume. Then I shot a new photo on the camera, but when I attach it to the Mac, iPhoto won’t even recognize there’s a camera there.

When I use Command-I on the MEMSTICK.IND file it shows that it’s locked, but when I uncheck the “Locked” checkbox, it just gets reset again a minute later.

Am I going to just have to give up on this particular memory stick? Seems like ungraceful error handling, to say the least.

One thought on “Memory stick problems”

  1. My Sony Camera that used Memory Sticks was stolen a year ago and I was sorta happy. I had lots of troubles with memory sticks. I even bought others. Always the same thing. I believe they are prone to static problems. I replace the camera with a Cannon that uses a Compact Flash card, which is very stable…


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