spam comes in many flavors – all distasteful


I’ve been receiving a steady stream of totally distasteful trackback spam for the last couple of days. So I’ve now totally disabled trackbacks on ths blog. Too bad – another nice, useful, network feature ruined by avarice. Hey, I’ve got an idea – why don’t we go back to the old days and disallow commercial use of the network? Well, one can always dream…

And then I was cooking dinner this evening when the phone rang, and a male with a strong southern cracker sort of accent says:

“Hello, is this Oren?”


“This is the Internet guy.”

“What Internet guy?”

“The Internet guy…the reason I’m callin’ is, we see you’ve been on your computer…we’ve got just what you wanted – you can make lots of money at home in your spare time.”

“Take me off your damned list and don’t you ever call here again.”


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