In LA for Syllabus Executive Summit


I’m in LA (Hollywood, to be precise) for the Syllabus 2005 Excecutive Summit tomorrow (Sunday), at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel.

The last time I was in Hollywood was when we lived close to here in the early ’80s. In true LA fashion, despite being in the middle of the city, this conference is in a huge hotel which is attached to a theme mall (HOLLYWOOD AND VINE) so you never actually have to go out on the street.

I’m sad to say that given how burned out I am at the moment, that suits me just fine – having a drink and watching baseball highlights in the hotel room is just my speed this evening.

Syllabus is a big higher education computing trade show that I’ve never been to before. Topics for the Executive summit include serving student populations, aligning IT with institutional goals, and information security as a strategic issue.

Unfortunately, I won’t see any of the rest of the conference as I fly back to Seattle tomorrow night.

I’ll try to blog as possible during the day tomorrow.

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