[CSG Fall 2005] Carnegie Mellon’s Content Management selection


Update 22 Feb 2006 – Doug (not Tom!) wrote to let me know I got his first name wrong – sorry, Doug!

Tom Doug Blair from CMU is talking about their selection process for a Content Management system.

Tom Doug notes that there are institutional problems and that you have to have institutional will to solve the problems. They have about 120 web practitioners in a group that is guiding the process. THere are six committees: Portal, Search, Standards & Practices, Infrastructure, Marketing, and CMS.

The CMS committee interviewed a couple of dozen people across the campus about their web publishing practices. They brought them back in the room to reflect back their findings – they found that having that discussion changed the answers and refined the results.

From that they wrote an RFP, which they checked with a consultant to make sure they were using the same terminology as vendors use. That RFP was released today.

Tom Doug notes that there are several things a CMS will not do – including improving the quality of content, changing human processes, or making content more timely.

He also notes to expect some resistance from practitioners. It’s important the process is transparent to the people participating – and requires thinking broadly about governance of the process.

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