[CSG Fall 2005] Hypercontent


Alex Vigdor from Columbia University is talking about HyperContent – a web content management system that is a JA-SIG project.

Alex’s slides are here.

The client is browser-based, with data kept in XML. It maintains a history of file revisions and has granular permissions. It allows set up of approvals, notifications and scehduled publications and emails.

The resulting content is pushed out to be served by Apache or whatever web server you use.

It automatically generates navigation and site maps.

Content authoring tools include wysiwyg html and xml editing, image conversion, drag & drop navigation and site map amanagement, dublin core metadata, vcard contact info w/ldap lookup, spell checking in multiple languages, etc. It also provides image watermarking.

Access to the repository includes local, FTP, & SFTP. They have plans to support WebDAV in the future. The publishing is handled by a queue system that handles the staging of processing and distribution among cluster members.

There’s a simple but functional workflow model.

There’s pluggable authentication which uses JAAS LoginModules. They’ve made it compatible with CAS too. They will integrate with JA-SIG groups and permissions that have been split out from uPortal.

They can feed XML or XHTML to uPortal channels.

Version 2 beta is winding down.

WSRP and UDDI portlet publishing will be looked into soon.

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