There’s good news and there’s bad news


The bad news is that US Air managed to lose my suitcase coming home from CSG last night. That’s what I get for not carrying it on – it happened to both Bob Morgan and me, on the same flights, so my guess is that our luggage just didn’t make it on the plane in Charlotte, but their tracking system didn’t show that.

The good news is for .Mac subscribers:

.Mac membership now comes with 1 GB of combined .Mac Mail and iDisk storage and monthly data transfer limits have been increased to 10 GB. We have already updated your account. You can use your Account Settings to take advantage of .Mac’s storage flexibility and reallocate storage to best fit the way you use the service.

In addition, .Mac is now available in French and German as well as in English and Japanese. You’ll also find that .Mac now includes new Backup 3 software and the ability to create .Mac Groups.

We value your membership and hope you enjoy these enhancements to your .Mac service.

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