Nano, nano – it’s an iPod Nano!


Chuck Kenney, our local Apple rep, dropped by an iPod Nano for us to take a look before I left for last week’s meetings on the East Coast. I finally had time to take it out of the box this morning and play with it just a little.

As many others have commented, the Nano inspires pure techno-object lust. Apple has managed to package the incredibly nice iPod user interface into a tiny package, including the scroll wheel, full color screen, and all. Four gigabytes of data in an incredibly small package with no moving parts – wow!

One thing I managed to do today on it (in addition to putting a bunch of music on) is to export an ical file from Oracle Calendar, import it into Apple’s iCal software and synchronize that onto the iPod. With one of these, maybe I won’t forget where I’m walking as I’m grooving my way across campus to my next meeting!

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