Lisa’s blogging of Educause CalDAV panel


I didn’t go to the big Educuase conference this year, because I’ve travelled a bunch this fall and Orlando is a long way to go in hurricane season just to be with 7,000 of my closest friends.

So I was glad that Lisa Dusseault blogged the CalDAV panel over on the OSAF blog – this is getting real, folks!

Last week I was at Educause for a couple days, part of a panel o CalDAV implementors. I demonstrated Chandler, and indirectly Cosmo too, to show the university IT audience that CalDAV is real and gaining adoption. François Perrault of Oracle did the first demo, showing Outlook with Oracle’s connected installed client-side, putting a calendar onto the Oracle server (not using CalDAV). But then he showed Lightning could pull down that calendar and view it using CalDAV, and add/change events.

For my part of the demo, I brought up Chandler (m6) with a calendar that had previously been pulled from a Cosmo (0.2.1) server and explained this. Then I subscribed to François’s calendar on an Oracle server, and it showed up in a different colour. Finally I subscribed to a third calendar on an RPI version of UW Calendar, adding a third set of events displaying along with the first two calendars. Except for a mysterious glitch where subscribing to the Oracle calendar didn’t work the first or second attempt but did work on the third attempt, it all went rather well.

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