[When 2.0] Wrapup and other links


While I had to stop blogging due to dead Powerbook batteries, the conference wrapped up with a cocktail reception hosted by Stanford’s Media X group.

I got to use the time to chat with O’Reilly’s Rael Dornfest about having some calendaring events at the Emerging Technology conference in March, to talk with Rael and IBM’s Stephen Farrell about managing activities as opposed to projects or calendars, to introduce myself to Joyce Park and Adam Rikin from Renkoo, to carouse a bit with Lisa Dusseault and Tantek Celik (how do you make that C with the thing hanging down?), and to finally meet Dick Hardt from Sxip.

There’s some video from the event up on CNET, as well as link to more coverage.

I thought that all in all it was a terrific day – kudos to Esther for organizing and leading a really thought provoking event that brought together a lot of disparate threads – I’m not sure it all melded together, but I think that there are definitely some themes – the merger of organizational and personal calendaring is one (which obviously has implications for identity management too); the closeness of discussions of time and place; and the whole world of event management and notification. This feels more and more like a set of topics that is rapidly reaching critical mass – at last!

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