[etech06] Dick Hardt (SXIP)


Dick is giving his highly anticipated followup to his identity 2.0 talk from last year, this time entitled “Who Is The Dick On My Site?”

Dick is talking, in a highly entertaining way, about identity issues in the online world.

After briefly outlining the problem he talks about federated identity (Liberty and Shib) and delegated identity (like SalesForce.com), then talking about Yadis (a lightweight identity model which doesn’t require explicity trusts between identity provider and service provider). Now he’s talking about what he calls Pull models – including MS infocards, and SXIP. They’re hosting a Digital Identity Exchange BOF at IETF in Dallas.

Ning used SXIP to create a user registration app in twelve minutes.

SKIP 2.0 works with existing browsers. Doesn’t require trust between IdP and SvP . Has some nice UI for user controlling granular release of personal data to service providers. There’s also the implementation of something called the authoritative site, which vouches for good info on the user (like verified email address). If I understood it right, there does need to be explicit trust between the service provider and the authoritative site.

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