[etech06] Rod Smith (IBM) – DIY IT Enterprise Mash Up Makers


Enterprise Customer Pain Points

As Internet continues to evolve, it continues to expand enterprise partnerships – it’s much easier to link businesses together than it was 10 years ago. This becomes integration work for the IT shop – it takes about 6 months for the IT folks to do an integration (that’s down from 9-12 months a few years ago) – but the speed of change of business relationships is quicker than that. From the standpoint of businesses today, there’s more information externally than internally – need to factor in external information into internal dashboards, etc.

There are a whole bunch of apps not being written today because they’re not affordable.

Web 2.0 – rethinking application assumptions –

Think about how middleware is defined – if you assume business organizations and relationships are continuously changing – scalable and long term are not the most important criterai – solution needs are situational.

Line of Business teams have just enough IT savvy to create their own services/solutions that drive their part of the business (Igniting the Phoenix: A New Vision for IT/Sapir)

Applications are disposable in many cases.

“Situational” Apps – What does this mean for enterprises, is there a market for these lines of things? Scripting – people who can put together things in very short terms. “Enterprise Mashups”. Lots of customers from IBM interested in these sorts of things – instant dashboards built by domain knowledge folks – can’t wait for IT to do it.

Is there an infrastructure that can be built to support the creation of 5 minute applications?

QED WIki – a Wiki but also an environment for integrating data from multiple sources.

Shows a demo simulating a small business with stores across the US. Pulls together store addresses, inventories, maps, and weather data in a quick integration that was done in five minutes.

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