[etech06] Christopher Payne, Frederick Saboye (Microsoft) – Microsoft Search –


They’re announcing three things today:

Live.com new version
new version of Windows Live Search
Windows Live toolbar.

Live.com – launched in November. Wanted to give people rich control over information they view – what modules get shown on the page. Ajax based (of course).

The ability to add and name tabs (looks the new Catalyst web tools interface).

Does RSS aggregation – can hover over feed and see content from the feed.

Made performance improvements to live.com.

Search – can tab between vertical searches (images, news, etc) keeping the search term intact – like Google.

You can pop open a box to search within individual sites.

There’s a smart scroll control that does dynamic fetching so you don’t have to do individual page loads.

New Image search with some UI improvements.

Feed Search – can preview entire feed in search results before subscribing.

Search macros – ability to describe, save, and share a saved search with parameters. Can’t yet create new macros, but will be able to in a few weeks.

Windows Live Toolbar – includes antiphishing filter, synced up favorites for IE, MS has acquired OnFolio – a browser add-in to help people organize info, including RSS aggregation and collections (gee, like Plum). Free with the toolbar.

Windows Live Local – being able to search for local info. Birdseye photo images – hired planes to take pictures. streetside – sent cars out with 10 cameras each to digitize images of downtown – Seattle and San Francisco so far.

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