[etech06] Hans Peter Brondmo – First You Google But Then What?


The place I direct my attention when I have a question is to the search engine. There is intelligence on the web…and it’s you. Great ideas, but can we rely on imperfect humans? What’s the mechanism for doing that?

What if there was a way to collect almost anything from anywhere, and then share it in a way that matters to me, can I connect and discover things from other people?

so they created plum.

Lets you click on a page and plum collects it and caches it. You can collect anything – including people (within plum). You can collect live feeds. Other people can contribute to your collections.

You can collect email from your desktop or gmail or yahoo.

There’s a little floating dock of icons called the plumber that has the controls for the desktop.

Today they’re announcing (of course) an open source API. developer.plum.com

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