[etech06] Tuesday night activities


Last night I moderated a BOF session on calendaring. We had about a dozen people show up, which isn’t bad for an 8:30 pm session at the end of a very full day (and in competition with a bunch of receptions and parties).

Ted Leung attended from OSAF, which was good because there was lots of interest in Chandler and Cosmo and Scooby – folks seemed particularly interested in reusable AJAX-y sort of widgets to use in managing calendar data on the client side before the actual presentation is done. There was the predictable interest in how to work with Outlook/Exchange. There was also a lot of interest in the hcal microformat, which seems to be gathering momentum.

Lots of interest in caldav, of course. We talked up the standards efforts and the CalConnect calendaring consortium.

After the calendaring BOF I stuck around for the microformat BOF – by that point most everybody was getting punch-drunk, so there was lots of laughing and joking, but I got to chat with Tantek a bit about hcard, and he helped walk me through generating an hcard for myself and putting it up on the web – it’s downloadable here.

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