[etech 06] Brian Dear (evdb) – When do we get the events we want?


EVDB – Founded in 2004 to maximize event discovery.

Building a web services API platform and an event portal built on that platform.

The platform – REST-style API: api.evdb.com. Podbop is a mashup based on this.

The portal – eventful.com – a site to discover, post, and share events. Three dimensions to events –

Known events (search, calendars, tags, rss & ical feeds, groups, friends family contacts, auto-submit, iTunes import > calendar, AIM EventfulBot, Performers) everything tagged with hcal and hcard.

Expected Events – Prospective Search, notifications/alerts

Dream Events – events you wish would happen. tools for demand aggregation – not onlyh for fans, but for performers. Along with noticiations and alerts. ROlling out the first phase of this today – called eventful demand. Not just a “wish list” but the possibility of fulfillment. A marketplace for experiences.

They have some cool tools for creating and nurturing a demand for an event, including emailing people, and stickers you can put on your site.

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