Microsoft Says Malware Recovery Becoming Impossible


Mark McNair points this one out from Eweek. Not news to computing support people, but worth pointing out, especially when you couple it with how much time it actually takes to rebuild a Windows machine from scratch (assuming it’s not one you can just build from a stock image).

I recently spent an entire day (like eight hours) rebuilding my dad’s Windows XP laptop after he got infected from clicking on a link in an email that claimed to have been from McAfee – and he had the original disks. And I still don’t think all the right drivers are reinstalled. That’s not an effort that scales when you’ve got thousands of machines in an institution.

– Oren

1. News: Microsoft Says Malware Recovery Becoming Impossible

A MS security official at the InfoSec conference, who admits
the company is seeing over 2,000 attacks per hour, recommends
that big businesses invest in an automated process to wipe
hard drives and reinstall malware-infested operating systems.

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