Google Calendar and Google Page Creator


I’ve been playing a bit with both Google Calendar and Google Page Creator. The calendar is easy to use – it allows you to set up multiple calendars, display them in a browser, and has both iCalendar export and Atom feeds of events. Public calendar sharing is supported by exposing public URLs for the iCalendar and Atom data feeds. More granular sharing of permissions for editing and creating events or just seeing free/busy schedules can be granted to other Google Calendar user accounts. You can import events in iCalendar or comma-separated formats. There are lots of things that Google Calendar doesn’t currently support, most notably recurring events.

The Page Creator at this point is a fairly basic web-forms based system for creating and editing web pages hosted by Google. Nothing too revolutionary here, but easy to use.

One thing that surprised me is that there is no connection that I can find between these services. The first calendar that I created is a calendar for my son’s Pony baseball game schedule. I then thought I’d create a web page for his team (the mighty coach-pitch Pinto Cardinals of the North Seattle Baseball Association league), and of course the first thing I wanted to put on that page was the game schedule. I could find no way of accomplishing that, aside from retyping the schedule onto the page. Given the amount that these kinds of schedules change over the season, maintaining the schedule in two places is not an ideal solution.

I hope Google shows some more integration between these services as they move forward with these new offerings.

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