[CSG Spring 2006] Sue Riseling – University of Wisconsin Access Control

Sue is the Chief of Police for the University, and also a Vice Chancellor.

They did a physical security survey of every building on campus – ended up being just under 2500 spaces surveyed. The State of Wisconsin bids every access control system as a separate bid. They had seven different access control systems for 345 buildings.

With new federal regulations they told the state that they wanted to do a single access control system. The first priority was to secure things like select chemicals, nuclear reactor, etc. That’s done, now moving on to next priorities.

Now they have a single system mandated. Using Andover system. Departments have local control over access and hours, but the central control is in the hands of the police.

Each department has to fund the system themselves.

They have fingerprints for each cardholder in high risk areas. Cards are issued by the police. So far they’re not integrated with the HR system to automatically know when people leave.

The web site for this is at http://www.uwpd.wisc.edu/Access%20Cards%20and%20Control.html

Sue goes on to tell a couple of hair-raising stories about mistaken identification of dead kids based on borrowed or forged driver’s licenses used for – she uses that as an intro to talking about authentication and authorization as being a central problem of our time that we need to be thinking about. That, of course, comes as no surprise to this crowd.

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