Too much good music!


Lately it feels like I’m awash in good music coming in from all sides – more than I can even absorb!

The KEXP Blog continues to offer downloads (many in straight MP3 format) and all sorts of insight into great new music. Thanks to Kevin for turning me on to Under Byen and to Andrew for Velella Velella! Someday I’ll have the time to catch up with the latest on the blog.

I also recently became a customer at emusic
– they’ve got a huge selection of music available in non-locked-up mp3 format, using good encoding (192 kbps VBR on the LAME encoder). I’m not sure I prefer the commit to a certain number of tracks per month business plan to the a la carte pay per track model, but we’ll see. You get 25 free tracks for signing up, with no further commitment – so why wouldn’t you? I grabbed Alvin Youngblood Hart’s Down In the Alley and McCoy Tyner’s Supertrios.

It’s really great to see new sources of good music being shared in formats that aren’t locked up and limited to single platforms!

Ed lent me T-Bone Burnett‘s latest, The True False Identity, which is terrific. Nice to see that someone can survive working in Hollywood, art intact.

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