Getting Outlook 2007 beta to connect to UW IMAP servers


I finally got Outlook 2007 to connect to the UW’s IMAP servers.

To do so, I had to set the type of encryption connection to use SSL – not TLS on port 993 in Account Settings/Change Email Account/ Internet E-mail Settings / Advanced.

Stupidly enough, if I set the Root Mail Folder to be mail, which is where all the user folders reside by default on the UW’s email service, Outlook doesn’t see the Inbox, which lives above mail in the hierarchy. If I don’t set a root folder it sees the Inbox, along with all the non-user folders that are their for processing purposes. This seems seriously broken, in a way that previous versions of Outlook were not.

Well, maybe I spoke to soon – now I’ve gotten a message saying Microsoft Office Outlook has stopped working – Windows is collecting more information about the problem, followed by a dialog box offering to turn on diagnostics, which just sent a bunch of info off to Microsoft.


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