Impressions from the Windows Live @edu discussion


It turned out that the substantive details of the day’s discussion at Microsoft last Thursday were under an NDA, so I couldn’t blog the sessions.

I can say that it was a terrific day of sessions (thanks, Walt!) with the program managers of the various Windows Live application areas, and that I came away very impressed with the talented and capable group of folks working on the Windows Live family and the passion that they bring to their work.

While most of today’s tangible WindowsLive@edu program is centered on identity management and email, I was particularly impressed with the directions we heard presented by Todd Biggs for the WindowsLive as a platform for developers and mashers, and from Karen Luk on what they’re planning for future work on Spaces as it transitions from MSN to Windows Live.

One of the telltale moments of the day was hearing Omar Shahine, the Lead Program Manager on Windows Live Mail, quoting the 37 Signals guys from Getting Real on releasing software often in an iterative style as being the way to build the best software. One doesn’t expect to hear that kind of development style being evangelized at Microsoft, but it’s good to see.

There’s lots of good stuff going on in the Windows Live world, and it will be exciting to watch it develop.

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