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kexp 2006 bbq Oren Sreebny’s kexp 2006 bbq photoset

Yesterday my buddy Ed and I went down to the KEXP summer BBQ – it was a perfect Seattle late summer afternoon, the beer flowed freely, and the music (as you’d expect) was great! We got down there too late to catch Thee Emergency, but we did hear the end of Devotchka’s very cool electronica meets eastern European roots-rock set.

The Austin duo Ghostland Observatory sounded to me like Robert Plant meeting Echo and the Bunnymen. Singer/guitarist Aaron Behrens definitely had the energy and moves to drive the crowd wild and synthesist/drummer Thomas Turner was the consummate nerdly foil in his baby blue satin cape (we wondered if perhaps he sleeps in the cape).

The day ended with local Seattle power-pop favorites The Long Winters, providing, as Ed put it, intelligent short pop songs with great harmonies.

My photos from the day are on Flick, tagged with kexp2006bbq

All in all a great day out under the sun – thanks to the KEXP gang and all of the volunteers for putting the day together!

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