[OSG 2006] OSG Goals, Organization, and Planning – Ruth Pordes


This is the fourth consortium meeting

Few f2f meetings – this is the all hands meeting, which take place every six months.

There are more than 15 users organizations. There are 32 Virtual Organizations.

OSG is perceived as being a “mainly physics” grid.

They’re expecting about $6 million in funding from DOE and NSF. This will fund the “OSG Project”, which will fund about 33 FTE to maintain the grid and expand its use in new communities. Partnership with the TeraGrid is part of the plan.

Must support LHC and LIGO scaling

Over the next few years:
– EData distribution must exceed 1 DB/sec at 10-20 sites
– Workflow must support > 110k batch jobs per client
– Accessible storage greater than 10 PB

OSG software stack (from bottom up):

Built on NSF middleware – condor, globus, myproxy
Virtual Data Toolkit common services
OSG Release Cache – VDT + configuration, validation, vo management
Apps : LIGo grid, LHCS services & frameword, bio services && gramework, OSG VO framework

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