[OSG 2006] One Grid Among Many presentations – EGEE


Bob Jones from CERN is talking about EGEE, an EU initiative which has 91 partners in 32 countries, encompassing 13 federations. Asia is a new federation, and US Partners: U Chicago, USC, Wisconsin (Condor), and RENCI.

The objective is large-scale production-quality infrastructure for e-science.

The infrastructure operation includes sites in 39 countries. Monitoring of grid services and automated site configuration/management.

They distribute production-quality middleware (glite), which they plan to use Apache2 license to distribute.

interoperability between grids is essintial – EGEE works with national grid projects and peer projects around the world. There are excellent relations wiht OSG on technical, operational, and policy issues. Further work is needed and the Grid-Interoperability-Now is providing a good environment for this.

The WISDOM project used grid for drug discovery. http://wisdom.healthgrid.org

They calculate how much money they’re saving by doing this research “in silico” instead of in-vitro.

There’s an EGEE conference in Geneva 25-29 September.

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