A couple of jobs open in Emerging Technology


I’m pleased to say that we’ve got a couple of jobs open in our little Emerging Technology group here within UW Computing & Communications.

One is a Project Manager, the other is titled Senior Strategic Integration Architect. The links to to the job descriptions on the UW’s employment site, but basically the idea is that as we get involved in evaluating and germinating ideas for new applications of technology here at the UW, the Project Manager will be responsible for managing the flow of those projects and the interactions between our group and the rest of C&C and other UW units. The Project Manager will also play a role in the just now being invented process for doing regular planning for C&C’s Service Lines.

The Architect will be involved in identifying new technology opportunities, investigating technologies that have possible application here at the UW, doing enough legwork to determine whether the technology is sufficiently useful and usable to pursue, and how that technology might interact and integrate with the UW’s social, business, and technological environments. My hope is that when we organizationally decide that a new technology is worth serious pursuit, the Architect will have gathered and digested enough information to be able to work with the various engineering and support teams starting from a base of already established knowledge.

I did notice that in the process of getting the Architect job description listed it got edited, as often happens. I had included a quote about architecture that I thought was (at least metaphorically) relevant to the kind of person I hope to find:

In architecture, as in other arts, two considerations must be constantly kept in view; namely, the intention, and the matter used to express that intention: but the intention is founded on a conviction that the matter wrought will fully suit the purpose; he, therefore, who is not familiar with both branches of the art, has no pretension to the title of the architect. An architect should be ingenious, and apt in the acquisition of knowledge. Deficient in either of these qualities, he cannot be a perfect master. He should be a good writer, a skilful draftsman, versed in geometry and optics, expert at figures, acquainted with history, informed on the principles of natural and moral philosophy, somewhat of a musician, not ignorant of the sciences both of law and physic, nor of the motions, laws, and relations to each other, of the heavenly bodies.

– Vitruvius, circa 25 BC

If you’re interested in talking about either of these positions, go ahead and drop me a line!

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