More fun with Windows Vista, this time RC1


I installed the Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 yesterday, over the Vista Beta 2 release, which had been stable, if unexciting.

I also installed Office 2007, with a fresh download from the Office Beta site.

The new release started crashing on me immediately. Vista crashed a couple of times, and even after a restart Office kept crashing. So I turned off the computer, and like any sensible professional, called it quits for the day.

This morning, I came in and rebooted, and Vista runs, but IE7 crashes right after launch. I gave it my assent to go look to see if there are any known solutions to this problem, and I got back the following:

A Micosoft analyst has reviewed this error report and determined the problem you encountered will be resolved in a Windows Vista release, which will be available in the future.

Not very informative.

It’s really interesting to realize how much work you can’t get done without a functioning Web browser in this day and age.

I did manage to create a second user account, and IE7 seemed to run ok there. So, fearful of the same problem happening, I decided to use IE to download Firefox, so I’d have a second browser available. I installed Firefox and the Foxmarks extension, and then Firefox crashed on me. Now, after a reboot, IE7 crashes on that user account too, but Firefox 1.5 seems to work.

This is a release candidate? Sheesh – c’mon Microsoft, you can do better than this.

Andrew Benton tells me that RC2 is due out later this week – we’ll see if that’s any better.

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