Calendar Mashups


I’ve been too busy lately to blog much, but I have been playing a bit with the ability to embed html views of Google calendars into web pages.

I keep a Google calendar of my travel and events, because it’s much easier for me to see at a glance when I’ll be out of town or unavailable that way rather than sifting through all the entries on my Oracle Calendar, which is cluttered with standing meetings, individual appointments, plane flights, and the like.

Google has now got a nice wizard called the Google Embeddable Calendar Helper that generates html for a view of a Google calendar that can be dropped into any web page, like so:

This month and January are particularly good examples, as I’m traveling a bunch. I’ve embedded this calendar into the sidebar of the blog, down below all the About Oren stuff.

The folks over at 30 boxes have built a nice calendar mashup engine called 30Boxed that lets you create calendar views from any icalendar feed. I tried that too, and I like the look and the fact that the month view scrolls a week at a time, but when I feed it my Google calendar ical feed it doesn’t seem to realize that there are events I’ve deleted from my Google calendar. But there are some very cool mashups that can be made with this gadget, like timeline views of flickr photo sets.

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One thought on “Calendar Mashups”

  1. Hrm. Unfortunately, all I get in Safari is a bunch of white space. Even in FireFox 2.0 on MacOS X 10.4.8, the embedded frame cuts off the last “a” in Agenda…


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