And now, a baseball interlude


I was never a sports fan of any sort until six years ago my son, at age 3, decided that baseball was something he liked…a lot. Now that he’s nine his ardor has cooled somewhat as his attention has been absorbed by soccer, and fencing, and legos, and his game boy, and the wii, and, and, and…

But in the meantime, I’ve become a baseball fan. And sometimes, in the spring, when the season is young, even a Seattle Mariners fan can have hope. Like tonight, when Felix Hernandez held on to a no-hitter into the seventh inning pitching opposite the heralded Dice-K and the Boston Red Sox, after the Mariners got whupped 14-3 coming off of four days off due to being snowed out in Cleveland. Mariners win 3-0. Sweet!

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