Sometimes it’s the simple things


In a conversation this week with the MyUW team this week, it was noted that there was some information indicating that when MyUW users use the Search feature in MyUW, they think they’re searching the entire UW, instead of just the database of services offered in the MyUW portal. So we decided to instrument the search box to log the search terms entered, and after a few days it was clear that the anecdotal information is clearly correct.

So Fang Lin whipped up a new search box, where the default will be a UW search. Here’s shots of the old and the new – it should go into production early next week:

Screenshot 02-1

Screenshot 03

One thought on “Sometimes it’s the simple things”

  1. We’re running into similar search scope issues with our new “Global Intranet” – exacerbated by Sharepoint (which only searchs on keywords, without any sort of PageRank algorithm) and by the siloed nature of our content.

    Now, if you could just kill that jarring background…


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