[CSG Spring 2007] Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery discussion, part 2


Shel is talking about the work they’ve done at UC Berkeley. They’ve taken up a program of readiness, varying their drills so they’re not only preparing for an earthquake – their actual disasters have included floods, windstorms, fires.

They got a grant from FEMA to create a tool for higher ed which could be released in open source. They looked at commercial packages, but the prices were just outrageous.

You use the tool to develop a plan, then do an exercise which tests the specific plans. Each of the 12 departmental EOCs do two drills a year in addition to the campus-wide drills.

Content of a business resumption plan – 1. departmental identification (any size); 2 critical functions (critical= necessary for achieving 30-day resumption of teaching & research); 3. Information technology (included in every departmental plan); 4. Faculty engagement (you can receive service credit for tenure by participating in planning and drills).

Shel’s looking for a few institutions to help participate in creating and maintaining the tool.

The demo site is at:


They expect an end population of more than 300 plans. Right now they have about 70. You can’t exit academic program review unless you have a continuity plan.

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