Why isn’t calendaring like email? A new article in Messaging News


There’s a good article by Michael Sampson in the new issue of Messaging News (pdf file) (you knew such a magazine had to exist, didn’t you?) titled Calendaring – Why Isn’t It Just Like Email?

I particularly like the way Michael quotes Scott Mace to frame the issues:

“In 1997 I wrote an article for InfoWorld on the poor state of calendaring
interoperability,” recalls Scott Mace, currently a freelance author and blogger at Calendar Swamp.
“When I reviewed the situation again in 2005, I was horrified to discover we hadn’t come very far.
We still face the same problems today we did then.”

I’m mentioned in an inconsequential quote, but that’s not why you should read the article. You should read it for the way it lays out the current set of issues and products and the work going on in the calendaring space.

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2 thoughts on “Why isn’t calendaring like email? A new article in Messaging News”

  1. I’m not sure I want calendaring to be like email. I mean, how would I weed out the fake doctor appointments from the real ones? Could I possibly have that many cosmetic surgery appointments today?


  2. Hey Oren … thanks for your time on the phone a while back to speak about calendaring.

    And to RJL20, the “just like email” was a positive vote in favor of the seamless interoperability we have with email, not necessarily all of the bad things too! Fine line I know.



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