iPhone impressions – day 5


While walking across Red Square yesterday, I noticed two students using iPhones. Given that it’s summer and there were probably a total of about fifteen people in the square at the time, that might be an early indicator of a broader penetration of iPhones this fall than I had been thinking likely.

I spent some time yesterday with Eugene and Rick taking some photos of the iPhone email setup screens to be used in a set of instructions for how to configure the iPhone for use with UW IMAP email. Hopefully those should be in place soon, linked from the Getting and Setting Up Email Programs page. It’s too bad there’s not a screen capture utility on the iPhone.

So far it looks to me like Bloglines doesn’t work very well on the iPhone, but Google Reader does.

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One thought on “iPhone impressions – day 5”

  1. Screenshots: Yeah, there are still a lot of people out there trying to figure out how Apple has been getting those “direct” screen shots.

    Penetration: Yeah. I’ve had mine since Thursday, and it’s already worming into my life in a way that previous mobile electronics (Palms, Blackberry, cellphone, iPods) haven’t.

    Thought: You might want to work with the NetID team – see if they can do a little browser detection on the login screen to present a more “low res friendly” login for iPhone users using campus WIFI…


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