MT4 – Maybe *NOT* time to give it a try


So I tried to upgrade this blog to Movable Type 4 this morning. It was all going fine – the install process checked for the needed software and found it, checked my database and said it was fine, and then I got to this screen:

Screenshot 01

When I pressed that Begin Upgrade button I got this:

Screenshot 02

And I couldn’t get any further. No amount of searching the forums held out any answers, and there hasn’t been any response to my filing it as a bug with SixApart. So I’ve restored back to 3.14 (lucky I backed everything up before starting the process!).

I guess I’ll try putting MT4 on a separate installation and see if goes better.

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2 thoughts on “MT4 – Maybe *NOT* time to give it a try”

  1. I had this problem on an earlier beta — you might want to check that MT is finding your mt-static directory correctly. If your host doesn’t let static content sit in cgi-bin or the location is wrong in mt.cfg, that might be the issue you’re seeing. Please do report it in our feedback form, though — we wanna get this fixed for you! 🙂


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