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I have to say that so far the iPhone is the first handheld I’ve used that I like more as I use it, rather than less. I think it’s a game-changing device because it’s primarily a WiFi enabled handheld computing device that also happens to have some well integrated phone features, rather than a phone with a bunch of computing features tacked on.

While lots of folks are complaining about the lack of ability to install native third party software on the phone, it may actually be that Apple’s strategy of relying on rich web-based applications will pan out to be smart in terms of allowing lots of people to develop apps that work while keeping the core configuration of the phone stable. I am pretty impressed by some of the apps I’ve seen so far – check out Andrew Mager’s list of the top ten apps that came out of last week’s iPhone Dev Camp. I’ve already started using AppMarks. PocketTweets looks good for those of you who are looking to use Twitter from your iPhone.

David Pogue is working on the Missing Manual book for the iPhone and has some great tips up on Favorite iPhone Tricks page.

So far I haven’t found battery life to be a problem, though I do plug it in every night, and I admit to being a very light phone talker in general.

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