Things fall apart – including Macs


The day before I left for vacation the screen went blank on our family room iMac (a 20-inch g4 “desk lamp” model). When we got home on Sunday, Michele impressed on me how important that computer is in the life of our household.

The screen had a barely discernible glow to it, so I knew the screen itself wasn’t totally dead, and the computer continued to serve up documents to its locally attached printer from other machines in the house, so the computer was working.

So yesterday I trotted it down to the Apple Store to see what they could figure out. The verdict was that the part of the logic board that drives the internal display was dead. The machine works fine with an external display. That’s a bummer with an all-in-one device that I bought particularly because of the gorgeous 20-inch wide screen.

Of course the machine’s Apple Care extended warranty program expired on June 29. Sigh..

$635 estimated repair bill. Growl.

This boy is not a happy camper. Wail

I’m not about to sink that amount into a three year old computer. More sighs.

I guess I’ll buy a new iMac for the family room and stick the old one downstairs with an external display on it (alongside the five year old Dell that has been chugging along with no problem).

But I’m not happy about having to spend that kind of dough right now.

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One thought on “Things fall apart – including Macs”

  1. Yeah, I’m not too happy with apple support right now either. My cat bumped my window blinds in to my laptop screen and left about a 1″ scratch in the plastic coating of the LCD. I took it in to the apple store and he told me it was “Tier 4 Accidental Damage” or something along those lines and that it would cost “half of the cost of the laptop” to fix. Which is outrageous. Since when does a 15.4″ LCD cost $1000 to replace? The worst part is I payed $240 (student price) for the extended Applecare protection plan but it doesn’t do anything for me.



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