Missing apps on the iPod Touch


I confirmed with folks at Apple yesterday that the new iPod Touch does not include the email client application that is on the iPhone. Not having an email app makes this appealing device far less useful. Also be aware that while the Touch has a calendar application, you can’t use the Touch to add appointments – only to view them.

As the folks at iProng say:

Steve Jobs seemed to imply in his keynote that the iPod touch only has wifi so you can buy music from iTunes, and it only has a web browser so you can sign onto public wifi hotspots and then proceed to buy music from iTunes.

That’s too bad – it could’ve been a really useful general purpose wifi communication device.

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One thought on “Missing apps on the iPod Touch”

  1. It still could be, just not out of the box. I’m keeping a close eye on the iphone dev team’s progress in unlocking the ipod touch and opening it to third-party applications (or applications copied over from an iphone, for that matter).


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