[CalConnect Fall 2007] Roundtable Demos


Gary is introducing the demos – Server-to-Server; Free/Busy; and CalDav Scheduling.

Cyrus starts off by demoing CalDav Scheduling – the Scheduling spec defines how clients can send scheduling messages between users on the same server. He shows one user inviting another to an event, using Apple iCal, Mulberry, and the Bedework web interface, all running against a Bedework server. CalDAV scheduling sends iTip protocol over http.

Bernard then demos Server to Server scheduling, between three people all living on different servers, using Apple, Bedework, and Oracle servers and clients. He then shows using Firefox with the Lightning and Lightning Enhancements plug-ins to display free-busy displays from multiple servers using just free/busy URLs.

Very cool – interoperable scheduling among multiple clients and servers! The demos aren’t slick and ready for the media, but this is real progress!

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