[CalConnect Fall 2007] Tuesday dinner and MIT places


Last night we had dinner at the Cambridge Brewing Company, where we disappointed Gary Schwartz by not ordering a tower of beer. I had a good chat with Vince Rubino from Yahoo! about the tension between the need to make social networks open and reusable (why should we have to define the same people over and over again in different places?) and the desire to build closed gardens for monetization.

After dinner Paul Hill led us on a tour of MIT’s Stata Center, home of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), as well as the building where such luminaries as Richard Stallman and Noam Chomsky have their offices, and down the Infinite Corridor – MIT has an appeal for the inner geek in all of us – the Roundtable is meeting in the Vannevar Bush room – how cool is that?

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