Rohit Bhargava on 10 Truths of Marketing in a Web2.0 World


Boy – today must be the day for presentations shared via SlideShare – here’s another good one from Rohit Bhargava, who is Vice President of Interactive Marketing at Ogilvy Public Relations, on the 10 truths of marketing in a web 2.0 world.

Unfortunately for all you iPhone viewers, SlideShare uses Flash, so you can’t see the presentation, so here are the 10 truths (minus the great illustrating graphics):

  • Your secrets are not secrets
  • Authenticity, not transparency
  • Personality makes it real
  • They know you are marketing
  • Falling asleep on hold is bad
  • Screwing up is an opportunity
  • In strangers we (now) trust
  • Features don’t matter
  • Your mom reads blogs (seriously)
  • Relevance is content, not ads

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