UWTV offers iPhone-friendly downloads


I’m really pleased to see that UWTV is now offering mp3 audio and mp4 video downloads of programs! These will work on all sorts of computers and on portable devices including iPhones and iPods.

I’m taking along the video of Elizabeth Kolbert’s talk on global warming and Google’s T.V. Raman’s Computer Science Distinguished Lecturer talk on The Web The Way You Want It to watch on a long plane trip to Florida tomorrow.

uwtv screenshot

One thought on “UWTV offers iPhone-friendly downloads”

  1. This is great news.

    In digging around on the site, I see that is is possible to watch these videos directly from the iPhone as well (without having to download them to a computer). You have to click on the “Video (MPEG-4)” link under the “Subscribe to the series Podcast”. Note that this is NOT the “Add this Podcast to iTunes” link.

    By following the video (or audio) links for the podcast, you are taken to the iPhone’s RSS reader, and then you can watch/listen to any of the compatible content in the RSS feed. This would probably be horrible over the edge network (a huge wait time) but it worked great over my wireless connection in the office.



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