New Orleans last weekend with KEXP


I realized that I hadn’t blogged about our trip to New Orleans last weekend with KEXP.The story of the discussions between KEXP and WWOZ isn’t really mine to tell (I was just there as a technology advisor), but the conversations were really interesting.

David Freedman and his ‘OZ crew were terrific hosts, and it was great to be part of an insider’s view of the Jazzfest. Everyone had interesting stories of Katrina and New Orleans pre and post. It was terribly sad to see some of the remaining devastation and drive through neighborhoods where there were still FEMA trailers in front of the houses, and to see how much abandoned and destroyed property there is.

It did seem like there was a lot of optimism in the air, and a feel of New Orleans coming back to life. Hard to say how much of that was just Jazzfest optimism.

WWOZ is an amazing part of the music community in a town where music really does matter in ways different from other places. We got to hear a lot of fabulous music – including Aaron Neville’s first appearance in New Orleans since Katrina, in the gospel tent at Jazzfest.

Some pics of the trip are here.

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